Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Social Fiction Project

                                           New Found Love in a Hopeless Place


I always saw these phoney ads on websites about how meeting someone on the internet can change your life, turn into something magical, all that stuff. In my head, obviously I thought “bullshit.” Most of the time I hear that it goes wrong. It’s not who they thought they were, like the documentary catfish. The idea of that whole scenario scared the shit out of me. Until one day I wanted to become more spontaneous and gain a new relationship a different way rather than face to face, because the whole face to face experiences I’ve went through went bad, from previous experiences. So I decided to sign up for “Plenty of Fish” or POF as people say, which is a site where you join to meet potential dates or even just to form a new friendship. I heard the site was great for that sort of thing. Little did I know, after a few weeks my life changed for the better.

His name is Bradley, and he isn’t like anyone I’ve ever met or known. I was very familiar with relationships and how they worked; meanwhile he was new to the whole experience. I was his first kiss. He said when our lips touched; he felt a wave of heat rushing through his body, head to toe. He knew this moment was worth the wait, and I knew this had to mean something more.  From that point on, we became best friends. Sharing new experiences and making new memories together.

We went on movie dates, spent hundreds in restaurants, decided to be adventurous and spent time at sky zone and had the grandest time. We got these neon orange special socks for sky zone, with little white suction cups at the bottom for grip. We had the most fun, like always. It felt like life was finally changing, for both of us.

One day the greatest thing happened, and it melted my heart and gave me butterflies that I couldn’t even handle. We started getting closer and more affectionate. We we’re driving back from another dinner date and we parked and were just sitting and talking in a parking lot, being cute as always, and the serious look on his face made me think of what he was about to say. Obviously I thought the worst, was he going to break up with me? I hate being a girl having these thoughts. I thought he liked me. Then he turned to me, smiled and said “I love you Cindy Moar.” My eyes went wide; I smiled like a little girl and blushed so much. I finally found my words and said “I love you too Bradley.” We started to talk after that.



 “Cindy I mean it, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I am over joyed to have you in my life.”

My voice was soft and high-pitched from how I was feeling. So many butterflies, “you really mean that? Because I really do care about you to Brad, you are amazing in every single way and I enjoy all the time we have spent together and I am ready for more days to come.”  We were both ear to ear grinning at this point.

He says,” I am so happy you say that Cindy, I feel the same way and I love you so much.” 

“I love you, Brad.”


After a couple months we are still stronger than ever to this day. We have the greatest time together, always. We have our arguments, but that’s totally normal. We are always laughing and smiling and being cuter than ever. We make each other happy and keep each other sane. We help one another with whatever we need, and never fail to lift each other’s spirits. He makes me the happiest, and I do the same to him.
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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Women Crush Wednesday!!! #2

Iggy Azalea <33

Imagery quickwrite

Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Creature Waiting at the Bus Stop

I was standing at the bus stop. All I saw was this things torpedo shaped head, also very dark and mysterious looking. Its eyes were black like the clear night sky. Its body was like an odd looking silhouette, could only be described as like a slender type looking thing. Tall, dark, scary, intimidating. The thing was breathing like it couldnt catch his breath, very deep, with a slight growl, sounded almost like its body was quivering because i could hear the shakiness in its constant breaths. The creature, also had a very specific stench. I could smell rotting food, but it wasnt food. I couldnt figure out what it is. Almost like a rotting animal. It was a very strong smell, enough to move a couple steps away because i would of thrown up. The smell was like a wall of a bunch of old people in one room in the hospital that havent showered, just a dirty, gross smell. Not pleasent. If i could, i wanted to feel its face. Touch the roughness of its cheecks. It's face resembled sandpaper, but even more rough than that. I will never know about this thing. After we got on the bus, he got off a couple stops later. Ill never see it again.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

25 tweets from multiple characters POV

I used James, Leonard, Snapper and Allison's POV. if its "@leonard or @james " its the character tweeting to that person. To decipher whos tweeting, there will be a J, L, S or A at the beginning of tweet.

J @Leonard; my friend, you do so much for me. why do you care so much? i love it. #friendship

L @James; my son, i care because you ARE my son. i will do everything and anything to keep you safe, happy and sober.

J @Leonard; I thank you for that. and why do you trust me knowing the crazy shananigans you're up to? do you not trust anyone else?

L @James; Again, because you are my son. and no i do not trust alot of people. Everyone i've tried to trust screws me over. why do you think i went to rehab. I only trust you and @Snapper

J @Leonard; well i appreciate you very much Leonard. I would never fail you or be unloyal. You can always trust me.

S; watching leonard do his thing is amazing. Im very greatful to be apart of his life, hes just a great human being.

J; I like that almost everytime i see or talk to Leonard, he sounds so joyful saying "MY SON!!" or, "my son HAS ARRIVED!" makes me feel like someone is proud of me. awesome feeling. #happylife

L; James is doing so great. so happy for him. all the while i am being the crazy man i am  doing illegal stuff and making them be legal. Muahahaha #mysterious #evillaugh

S; Its so nice to see leonard treating james with all this stuff. While i chillax with my girl, nice to know they're smiling just as much. Makes me smile.

S; Of course my girlfriend tells james about how we met. my amazing letter with a poem inside. classy Snapper. oh yeah, and my actual name is Dominic. hahaha.

J; @Leonard oh my god i think ive found the one, her name is Allison. shes wonderful man. you have to meet her. #inlove

L; @James i will come over soon my son, i love meeting people that make you happy. she sounds terrific.

A; James is an interesting felloe. we connect very well, i love it. I love everything about him and i cant wait to meet the famous Leonard.

A; I meet leonard. Hes such a charmer. i now know why james loves him so much. he treats him like his own. makes my heart melt. #love

J; I meet allisons family after tons of dates and nights spent together. they like me, thank god. they meet leonard too. Allisons dad could see right through leonards bull**** about how we know eachothet and met. He asks. I tell him. he likes me, and me being honest.

J; my movies arent going well either. I keep getting fired, scripts constantly getting turned down. I dont know if life will get better. #ohno #lifesucks

A; me and james are bickering at eachother ALL THE TIME. i love him and he loves me but we cant stop fighting, about the littlest things. everything is going down hill. #imscared #whatshappening

L; ive been avoiding james and my social life. something scary is happening. no one can know.

J; me and allison breakup. we cant hurt eachother anymore. i had to put my dog down due to him being to aggressive. My jobs arent doing good, now leonard tells me hes leaving for a while. #confused #depressedonceagain

J; @Leonard where are you!! why cant i contact you? i want you to show up at my house like you always do. light my world up. i miss you leonard. #imissmybestfriend

L; i cannot contact james. its saddening. i hate ignoring, but hes coming to see me soon. i sent him a postcard. he will know its me. i cant wait to tell him everything.

J; i finally see leonard after a year. he told me awful news.. hes infected with HIV. and he also admitted he was gay. no one knew it. he never told anyone. im shocked. but i still love him to death. everything makes sense now.

J; he tells me what hes been doing. living life to the fullest for his last couple years because he doesnt know when he'll go. Living the gay life because he never could, he kept it a secret. Hes such a strong man. #inspiring

L; ive lived life amazing. i have no regrets. everything has been done on my list. I am dieing, but ive come to acceptance.

J; @leonard- i look up to you so much. you've kept me sane, done unthinkable things for me, kept me safe and sober and have cared for me like nobody else ever has. i thank you for everything. you are awesome, my friend, leonard. #friendship

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